My name is Mary Caniano and I want to write about my friend and helper Cindy Johnson. I have had a lot of friends in my life, but Cindy has been my best friend. I feel she is a sister that I never had.My husband passed away not too long ago and Cindy was with me, helping me with this period of mourning and sadness. I know that I could not fare this without her at my side.

I now live in a wonderful home that Cindy started in memory of my husband George.She takes great care of us, and she is a good cook too.  I thank God every night that Cindy is with me and I know George would feel the same way.
Mary Caniano


We moved to North Texas from Chicago in 2005 and in 2007 my parents George and Mary moved here.  Although they loved being close to us and enjoyed the mild North Texas winters they soon became aware that some of the accommodations for seniors they had in Chicago weren’t available.  Included were such things as senior bus services and close proximity to stores where they could walk to.   And then came Cindy Johnson (my dad referred to her as the gift from heaven.)   Cindy and her Home Helpers services soon became family to us and my parents.   At first they began using Home Helpers only on occasion for transportation to doctor appointments and groceries.  
Then, my mom had a severe fall requiring a few months of rehab in a nursing home.  That prompted using Home Helpers on a more frequent basis tending to my dad’s needs as well as visiting my mom almost daily.   As luck would have it my mom recovered fairly well but my dad began having some health problems requiring additional assistance for everyday tasks.  Again, Cindy came to the rescue and began providing additional help for my parents and for us since we had full time jobs to tend to and couldn’t help out as much as we wanted. 

In late 2009 my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my dad’s health problems became worse.  Again, Cindy came to the rescue providing caregiver service almost on a continual basis.  On multiple occasions I needed to call Cindy during the middle of the night to provide assistance during numerous ambulance rides to Baylor and Richland Hills Hospitals.  She was always there for us regardless of the time.

In April 2010, my dad passed away and since that time Cindy’s  personal care home service  (Cindy’s Promise) has provided 24/7 caregiver care for my mom.   Now my mom says the same thing my dad said.  “Cindy is our gift from Heaven”.

Dealing with aging parents is not easy.  Cindy and her service have not only provided exceptional caregiver services to my parents but they have provided me and my wife the peace of mind knowing that at all times my parents were being taken care of with highly skilled and caring caregivers.    

I now find myself saying on a routine basis “Cindy is our gift from heaven”.

August 19, 2013

Cindy’s Promise has been an amazing place for my mother to live for the last 18 months.   She has thrived under the care of Cindy and her loving caregivers, who have gone over and above to meet her needs and give her individual attention.  The home setting has enabled Mother to retain her dignity and independence while ensuring that she is watched and provided for at all times.  I would highly recommend Cindy’s Promise to anyone who is looking for a place where their loved one will be treated with respect and genuine love and care.  

Phone:   (817) 229-4832